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Intact Public Entities maintains its own in-house claims department that is fully integrated with the rest of our team and staffed by experts who truly understand the claims that can arise when dealing with clients in specialized industries.

If you need to report a claim, click here.

The claims you may experience are often far more detailed and complicated than most. You deal with the public, children, the disabled, the elderly and other sensitive instances where serious accusations can be made. Your claims are often long-tail in nature and can take years to settle. Some claims aren't filed until years after the occurrence or accident. You want a team of professionals on your side who will vigorously defend your reputation. We understand your risks and your exposures because we've been a specialty insurance provider for over nine decades.

An extensive knowledge network

Along with our in-house expertise, we’ve developed an extensive network of lawyers, adjusters and other experts with in-depth experience in a wide variety of fields. When you need a specialist’s perspective, we’ll connect you with our network to ensure you get the information you need—when you need it.

Claims best practices framework

Intact Public Entities utilizes claims best practices to measure analytics associated with helping to reduce cycle times and claims costs. This framework is available to you as part of our value added services.

If you need to report a claim:

1. During business hours please call your broker or Intact Public Entities at 1-800-265-4000 or email at [email protected]

2. For legal expense claims please call ARAG at 1-855-953-1434.

3. For automobile claims please call Intact Public Entities at 1-800-265-4000 or email at [email protected].

4. For cyber incidents please carefully review your cyber policy to identify the Subscribing Partner:

  • ​If your cyber policy is written with Coalition and a circumstance, claim or an event arise which may qualify for indemnity for costs or expenses under the cyber policy, you must report to Coalition by calling 1-833-866-1337 or by email at [email protected]. A policy number may be required when you call or email.
  • If your cyber policy is written with CFC and in the event of an actual or suspected cyber incident, please call CFC’s Cyber Incident Response Team on the tollfree 24-hour hotline number: 1-800-607-1355 or email [email protected]. A policy number may be required when you call or email.
  • If your cyber policy is written with Resilience Cyber Insurance Solutions, you must notify Resilience of any actual or suspected circumstance, incident or event that could reasonably be the basis for an amount payable under your Cyber Policy as soon as practicable by 24/7 emergency hotline at +1(302) 722-236 or by email [email protected].

​5. After hours please call 1-866-287-4971.

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