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Municipal & Public Administration Insurance Programs

Intact Public Entities has helped Canadian municipalities meet their complex insurance needs for more than 90 years. We have the stability and history to support you with a sustainable and trusted insurance program.

What does this mean for you? It means we can provide you with a complete insurance program that is suited to your specific requirements. 


Your Complete Insurance Program

Municipalities are at the heart of our business

Municipal insurance is our prime focus. Over the years we’ve built long-term relationships with communities across the country. Our in-house experts participate in municipal advocacy because we feel like we’re on the same team. Intact Public Entities stood by Ontario municipalities and helped to seek amendments to the Minimum Maintenance Standards for municipal roads, we're also looking for ways to help with Joint & Several Liability issues. We continually monitor legislation to look for issues that could affect our clients. If we find anything that could have an impact on your community, we will share it with you and help you to plan accordingly.

Public administration organizations are the foundation of our communities

It is important to protect the organizations that serve the vulnerable and those in need of medical attention or support. Our insurance programs respond the the unique needs of these specialized organizations and help protect employees and the facilities they work in safe and secure.

Policies that cover the full range of risks

With Intact Public Entities, you receive broad, inclusive policies that help to cover your municipality. Our partnerships with stable, reliable insurers mean we’ll be here for you as your needs change and your organization grows.

We understand the importance of offering best-in-class products and services that make it easier for you to do business with us. 

A prevention-based approach

We believe the best way to keep your total insurance costs low is by preventing claims before they happen. As an Intact Public Entities client, you have unrestricted access to our risk management services—at no extra charge. These include educational sessions, consultation services and on-site inspections. Our experts can analyze your operational policies and procedures, identify exposures and risks in your facilities, and consult with you on risk management topics.

We also created the Risk Management Centre of Excellence, an online hub full of resources, news items and industry bulletins—all designed to keep you up to date on the latest developments that might affect your risk picture.

About Intact Public Entities & The Business We Write

Municipal Insurance

Intact Public Entities has helped Canadian municipalities meet their complex insurance needs for more than 90 years. We have the stability and history to support you with a sustainable and trusted insurance program.  

Children's Aid Societies

Children are the heart and soul of any community. Keeping them safe, secure and protected is always of paramount importance. That means Children's Aid Societies need comprehensive insurance coverage that protects facilities and staff from the risks and exposures suited to organizations dealing with children.  

First Nations

Working with Intact Public Entities, you gain access to tools, advice and support to help mitigate risk and reduce your exposure. Our dedication to prevention as well as protection means we do our best to prevent claims before they start.  

Public Health Units

Extending healthcare out of hospitals and into communities brings its own insurance challenges. Intact Public Entities offers policies that have been written to protect public health units. Our experts can work with you to help you adapt to new and evolving risks. Should a claim occur, our in-house claims department is available to provide support, answer questions and guide you through the process from beginning to end.  

Non-Profit Housing

Non-profit housing can help shape a community’s future by providing affordable living for disadvantaged individuals. Keeping these facilities safe is critical, and, in the event of a claim, requires the right insurance policy to specifically address the challenges of subsidized housing.  


Intact Public Entities offers commercial and public automobile policies as part of our packaged multi-line program.