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Value Added Services

We offer more than just an insurance policy. As a leading MGA specializing in public entities, we provide Canadian municipalities, public adminstration and community service organizations  with a complete insurance program. What’s the difference? A vested interest in assisting you reduce your total cost of risk while providing you with complimentary value added services that help improve your overall performance.


Our Total Cost of Risk Approach

Risk management is built into our offerings for all our clients, fully integrated into every insurance program. Our highly trained team of risk management experts can, at your request, assess your current environment for exposures. We do everything we can to minimize your exposure before potential incidents occur, from testing your ability to respond to an emergency to inspecting your properties so we can pinpoint potential risk factors.

As a Intact Public Entities client, you can access our risk management expertise in multiple ways: through site visits, loss control inspections, education sessions and consulting services. Our continuous legislative reviews keep you fully informed of regulatory changes that could affect your liability and insurance coverage.

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Not only do we talk the talk, we walk the walk.

Risk management is the practice of being prepared: understanding your environment and your exposure to existing or emerging risk factors. The right risk management strategy helps reduce your costs, which goes beyond the insurance premiums you pay. Numbers matter. As you can see, clients actively use our services to help improve their risk performance, assist with the transfer of risk in contracts and attend our educational seminars to learn about emerging trends. Take a look at what we've accomplished together over the past five years:

Seminars & Counting icon 433 Seminars & Counting
Seminar Participants icon 25,457 Seminar Participants
Inspections Completed icon 12,114 Inspections Completed
Contracts Reviewed icon 4,834 Contracts Reviewed

Claims Management Services

Intact Public Entities maintains its own in-house claims department that is fully integrated with the rest of our team and staffed by experts who truly understand the claims that can arise when dealing with clients in specialized industries.

The claims a public entity may experience are often far more detailed and complicated than most. You deal with the public, children, the disabled, the elderly and other sensitive instances where serious accusations can be made. Your claims are often long-tail in nature and can take years to settle. Some claims aren't filed until years after the occurrence or accident. You want a team of professionals on your side who will vigorously defend your reputation. We understand your risks and your exposures because we've been a specialty insurance provider for over nine decades.

We understand that claims don't always occur during regular business hours, that is why Intact Public Entities' clients have access to an after hours claims service.

Risk Management Consulting Services

Our commitment to you starts before there's a claim. We do everything we can to help you mitigate and manage risk to keep your organization, services and properties safe, secure and protected. As part of our comprehensive risk management program, we offer a wide variety of risk management services.  

Loss Control Inspections

Despite best efforts, many organizations have risk management gaps. Our inspectors are trained to closely examine buildings and facilities, identify insurable and uninsurable exposures, and assess liability hazards - all at no extra cost to you. We consider the ways your staff, clients and visitors interact while on your property, and look for potential liabilities and risks. Once we're done, we deliver detailed recommendations to help you reduce your risk exposure.

Educational Services

When you work with Intact Public Entities, you have access to our years of experience and can request a seminar or presentation tailored specifically to your needs.  

Minimum Maintenance Standards (MMS) Compliance

Minimum Maintenance Standards (MMS) were developed and incorporated into the Municipal Act as the Provincial response to municipalities' requests for relief from onerous court decisions. To use this statutory defence in court, a municipality must be able to show through documentation that it met the minimum standards, as defined in Regulation 239/02. Documentation and record-keeping are critical.

Road Risk Assessments

Non-repair of road liability claims are costly to defend, result in high court awards and greatly impact a municipality's cost of risk.  

Claims History Analysis

In addition to having an in-house Risk Management department, Intact Public Entities also has the benefit of having an in-house Claims department. Team members from both departments are able to easily liaise with one another on an ongoing basis.  

Fleet Management Evaluation

We can review your organization's fleet risk management practices and discuss opportunities for risk improvement to support your ongoing efforts.  

Local Authority Services

Our experience working with municipalities and public services has given us exceptional insight into risk prevention strategies, educational approached, mitigation techniques and claims handling.  

Our Work on Legislative and Advisory Committees

Our employees are continually recruited to serve on committees due to their expertise and industry-specific designations.  

Risk Management Centre of Excellence

When you work with Intact Public Entities, you're partnering with the company that literally wrote the book on risk management. 

Guidewire ClaimCentre

Intact Public Entities continues to utilize technology to enhance our complimentary value added services. All Ontario municipalities can now access real-time claims information via ClaimCentre®, a leading end-to-end claims management system.  

ClearRisk Solutions

Be prepared for tomorrow with the information you need to make smart decisions. Identify trends and help mitigate future claims based on data to make your community safer, smarter and stronger.

Education Centre

IPE’s Education Centre is your insurance and risk management learning destination!