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Outdoor Play

Learning centres are adopting the principals of outdoor play and environmental experiences, they are also faced with the challenge of securing insurance coverage given the nature of activities found outside the classroom. We are pleased to launch our Outdoor Play Program designed to handle the unique risks that outdoor play carries including Abuse, Child Abduction, Liability and Property with specially designed policies and limits.


Our experience working with children and youth programs and schools has given us the expertise to understand the unique exposures associated with outdoor play. We understand the growing need to have a policy in place to help protect children and practitioners.

We've partnered with The Child and Nature Alliance of Canada to bring you a risk management toolkit to help assess and mitigate the risks unique to outdoor play in balance with the unique benefits it affords, for the best interests of children. Click here to access The Risk-Benefit Assessment for Outdoor Play: A Canadian Toolkit.

What we offer

Insurance is a powerful tool that can support practitioners wanting to work directly with children in an outdoor setting. By putting the Risk-Benefit Assessment for Outdoor Play into effect, a practitioner can qualify for quality insurance products through Intact Public Entities.

We understand the importance of best-in-class products and services making it easy for you to do business with us. Our coverage is comprehensive and wide-ranging. With no contract requirements or volume commitments for brokers. Please review the highlight sheets below for coverage information and available limits of insurance.