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Community Organizations

Providing so many of the services and facilities that keep communities vibrant and healthy, community service organizations require insurance that's specially adapted to the diverse risks, exposures and challenges they face.


Community Services encompass everything from reintegration services to food banks and shelters. Intact Public Entities has provided stable, secure coverage to specialized sectors for decades. Our in-house claims department is available to assist and support you should you have a claim.

Managing risk for community services organizations

We believe working with you to prevent a claim is just as important as being there when incidents occur. That's why we've made our risk management services available at no extra cost to our clients. Your Intact Public Entities representative will work with you and your broker to ensure you have access to our risk management services. In addition, our Risk Management Centre of Excellence has in-depth resources in specific issues related to community services.

What we offer

Our policies feature liability limits up to $50 million, with no general or annual aggregate. Other highlights of our Community Services Program include:

  • Malpractice Liability up to $50 million

  • Abuse up to $5 million on some classes

  • Broad Property coverage with no co-insurance clause

  • Property disappearing deductible

  • Workplace disruption

  • Crisis management

  • Computer violation

  • Identity theft insurance

  • Legal expense insurance, including Criminal Code

  • Automobile available in AB, NB, NS and ON

  • Facility User Solution

We understand in the importance of best-in-class products and services that make it easier for you to do business with us.