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Natural Asset Management Roadmap

We understand that municipalities play a pivotal role in climate resiliency which is why we are proud to sponsor the Natural Asset Management Roadmap Program for municipal clients.

Natural Asset Management Roadmap Program

Developed by Natural Assets Initiative (NAI), the program provides direction, support and guidance to local governments as they develop roadmaps to account for natural assets in their asset management strategies. 

We are ready to start building roadmaps. 70% of the roadmaps being offered through the Natural Asset Management Roadmap Program are already accounted for – get your Expression of Interest form submitted today! 

Getting Started is Easy

  1. Complete the Expression of Interest form.

  2. You'll be notified when an opening is available.

  3. No cost if you're an IPE client, the roadmap and $850 fee is included.

Download the Expression of Interest Print Form
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What is a roadmap?

For many local governments a "roadmap” is a good first step for a municipality to get a handle on how to manage and value natural assets. The roadmap pulls together individuals from various municipal departments to discuss and centralize their expertise. 

Roadmaps have proven to be a relatively low-effort, high-impact activity requiring no more than a few days of effort for the project lead and a few hours from the other staff participants; yet it provides a strong foundation for participants to get started on Natural Asset Management (NAM) with confidence that they are on the right track.  

In Ontario, municipalities are required to have an approved asset management plan for all municipal infrastructure assets that identifies current levels of service and the cost of maintaining those levels of service under O. Reg. 588/17, Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure by July 1, 2024. The Natural Asset Management Roadmap Program is a great tool to help municipalities ensure they are meeting the proper criteria. 

More about the Natural Asset Management Roadmap Program

The NAI will deliver all aspects of the roadmap curriculum to participants including: 

  • Introductory Training Webinar on NAM 
  • Roadmap Workshop 
  • Coaching and support throughout the roadmap development process 

Most local governments complete their roadmap within four months and find many great benefits to doing so including: 

  • Building awareness about NAM among a cross-functional staff group. 
  • Understand how your local government is considering natural assets in planning and delivering services.
  • Completing a NAM roadmap that includes the actions they will take over the short to medium term to integrate NAM into their asset management practices.
  • Learning from their peers and building a network helping to advance NAM.