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Components of a Privacy Policy

It should be indicated that this Privacy Policy is a live document and your organization may make changes to i...

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Risk Management Considerations for Email Etiquette

Email is one of the most common communication tools in the workplace. It's quick, easy and portable thanks to...

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Risk Management Considerations for Garage Policies

Liability resulting from the use or operation of an automobile is provided under an Owners Automobile Policy....

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Occurrence and Claims Made Policy Forms

The policy provides coverage for claims arising out of incidents that occurred during the policy period. The r...

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Risk Management Considerations for Volunteers

A member of a volunteer service organization was involved in a motor vehicle accident while performing their v...

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Frequently Asked Questions for Directors & Officers Liability

A non-profit organization requires Directors & Officers Liability to protect the personal assets of the direct...

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Checklist - Facility Rental with Liquor Service

Municipal Alcohol Policy 1. Food is being served. 2. Someone at entrance points checking ID. 3. System in plac...

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Recreational Cannabis in the Workplace - Are you ready for legalization?

With Legalization of Cannabis having already taken affect, employers should be prepared with updated policies...

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