You've been hearing about the threat of cyber attacks for years. Why consider cyber insurance now? Attacks are happening in Canada with greater frequency and criminals are targeting public entities and other not-for-profit organizations. It's becoming more and more important to have a plan in place for when a cyber incident occurs. When you partner with Intact Public Entities, you'll be receiving best-in-class cyber insurance coverage backed by a strong insuring partner and hands-on value-added services including dedicated claims handling.

Coverage Highlights

Cyber, network and data exposures impact all companies. We offer comprehensive Cyber Risk Insurance Coverage to protect an Insured against the cost of data breaches, fines, penalties, and costs involved in restoring the organization’s reputation. Intact Public Entities has partnered with a leading cyber provider to offer best-in-class coverage.

Cyber toolkit - It's all right here

We understand that cyber insurance can be complicated. We're here to help. We've built this Cyber Toolkit as a resource to support you.

The moment you become aware of a cyber incident that may give rise to a claim or potential claim you have access to a 24/7 Incident Hotline. Please carefully review your cyber policy to identify the Subscribing Partner:

  • If your cyber policy is written with Coalition and a circumstance, claim or an event arise which may qualify for indemnity for costs or expenses under the cyber policy, you must report to Coalition by calling 1-833-866-1337 or by email at [email protected]. A policy number may be required when you call or email.
  • If your cyber policy is written with CFC and in the event of an actual or suspected cyber incident, please call CFC’s Cyber Incident Response Team on the tollfree 24-hour hotline number: 1-800-607-1355 or email [email protected]. A policy number may be required when you call or email.
  • If your cyber policy is written with Resilience Cyber Insurance Solutions, you must notify Resilience of any actual or suspected circumstance, incident or event that could reasonably be the basis for an amount payable under your Cyber Policy as soon as practicable by 24/7 emergency hotline at +1(302) 722-236 or by email [email protected]

In-house expertise

Intact Public Entities has dedicated cyber specialists who are extremely knowledgeable on cyber exposures and our product.

Cyber product inquiries can be directed to [email protected]