Children’s Aid Societies’ responsibilities are wide-ranging and complex. Today’s online, hyper-connected workflows and communication streams have added a layer of complexity that must be addressed as part of your risk management strategy. In this session, Frank Fazio, cyber breach authority from CySat Security, will delve into the intricate world of cybersecurity threats and offer manageable security solutions to “harden” your Children’s Aid Society against escalating, and often sophisticated cyber threats. Frank will shine a light on:

  • Advanced spear-phishing tactics.
  • The intricacies of compromised business e-mail.
  • The subtle ways social media can be exploited to gather personal information.
  • The alarming rise of websites designed to steal passwords.

Frank’s presentations are always informative, always entertaining, and offer an invaluable opportunity for organizations and individuals alike to gain critical insights so they can effectively implement safeguards to protect against these emerging cyber threats. 

Event Details:

Date: Thursday, October 17th
Time: 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. ET
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Get to Know Frank Fazio:

Frank Fazio is the founder of CySAT Security and a highly respected thought leader and educator with more than 30 years’ experience in the information technology field. He is certified in Incident Response and Advanced Forensics and his cybersecurity expertise is regularly sought out by organizations in the broader public sector. Frank has delivered numerous training sessions to municipalities and related organizations, including the Ontario Media Relations Officers Network, the Municipal Information Systems Association, the Federation of PEI Municipalities and AMO, amongst others. His practice is uniquely focused on equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to protect themselves online and the critical assets of the organizations they represent.

This webinar is pending CE Accreditation.