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Environmental Youth Alliance Society, Vancouver, British Columbia

Increasing Climate Resilience through Wetland Development in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside


Led by Environmental Youth Alliance and Strathcona Community Gardens, this project, aims to develop a wetland in downtown eastside Vancouver beginning in October 2022. This year-long initiative will engage at-risk youth and local residents in the development of a wetland, which will mitigate flooding problems commonly seen in the area. The wetland area will catch and absorb rainfall and surface runoff, reducing flooding, and helping to manage and mitigate the impact of more frequent extreme rain events caused by climate change. 

The Environmental Youth Alliance Society brought 74 youth together to clear, excavate, and build the wetland area. The project included replacing invasive plants with wetland plants, deepening the already established pond, as well as seeding and overwintering plants for next year in the on-site nursery.   Over the next year the site will be observed to monitor how the water moves through the site and to identify the plants and wildlife that will make this area their home. EYA youth programs will continue to work on site maintenance and use as an educational tool for the community. 

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