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Claim Case Studies & Legislation: Building Inspection

On July 17th, 1987, Stephen Mortimer of London was in an apartment of a college classmate when he and a friend...

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Claim Case Study Zaky v. Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

This case highlights the importance of adequately bringing the contents of a waiver to the attention of the si...

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Risk Management Considerations for Bill C-45 Criminal Liability of Organizations

Bill C-45 is federal legislation that amended the Canadian Criminal Code. It became effective March 31st, 2004...

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Invasive Species

Invasive species are non-native plants, animals or microorganisms that, when introduced or spread negatively,...

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Claim Case Study Community Centre Rental

A resident rented out the community center portion of the local arena for his wife's birthday party. After the...

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Joint and Several Liability Analysis

Joint and several liability is a common law principle that can be modified by statute. It directs that a perso...

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Claim Case Studies & Legislation McNulty v. Brampton

The plaintiff slipped on an icy sidewalk owned and maintained by the Municipality. She fell down causing soft...

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Claim Case Studies & Legislation Worthey v. City of Hamilton

"On the morning of September 13, 2012, the plaintiff tripped and fell on a sidewalk owned and maintained...

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