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Risk Management Considerations for Parking Lot Safety

Parking lots are often overlooked for not being as hazardous as they have the potential to be. Both pedestrian...

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Risk Management Plan for Playing Fields

A template for a risk management plan for playing fields that provides standards for goals and achievable benc...

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Claim Case Studies & Legislation Failure to Maintain Gate Results in Injury at a Soccer Field

Case brief of unpublished claim where a young girl was injured by a municipal gate in disrepair fell on her fo...

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Checklist Roadside Safety Inspection Record – Rural

Here is a helpful tool when inspecting, recording, planning to rectify hazardous roadside conditions.

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Risk Management Considerations for Playgrounds

A three year old child fell eight feet from a slide and sustained a brain injury. The slide did not meet Canad...

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Risk Management Considerations for Inflatable Devices

What was supposed to be a fun treat at a birthday turned into a nightmare when the bouncy castle that was rent...

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Risk Management Considerations for Indoor Slip and Falls

Have you ever slipped and fallen? You most likely got up, brushed yourself off and quickly looked around to se...

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