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Risk Management Considerations Space Heaters in an Office Environment

Do you allow the use of portable space heaters in your workplace? You may be interested to know that the older...

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Risk Management Considerations for Tours and Open Houses

Some municipal facilities, such as water and sewage plants, fire halls and recreation complexes offer open hou...

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Risk Management Considerations for Managing the Risks of Workplace Violence

So, as an employer you have done your risk assessments, put your workplace violence and harassment policies in...

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Risk Management Considerations for Creating a Culture of Security in Your Workplace

People work best when they feel emotionally safe and secure. They focus their energy on solving problems and d...

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ABCs of Maintaining a Safe Workplace in Ontario

Appoint a staff member to lead the implementation of Bill 168 to ensure that all of the requirements are met....

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Checklist for Violence in the Workplace

Everyone has the right to feel safe at work. Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act sets out standards,...

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Recreational Cannabis in the Workplace - Are you ready for legalization?

With Legalization of Cannabis having already taken affect, employers should be prepared with updated policies...

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