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Risk Management Considerations for Fire Safety

Fire safety is the prevention or reduction in the likelihood of a fire. When you incorporate fire safety strat...

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Risk Management Considerations for Security Systems

The broad definition of a security system includes any various means or devices designed to guard persons and...

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Risk Management Considerations for Rooftop Solar Panels

Since the installation of rooftop solar panels is relatively new, there is little claims data. However, there...

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ABC's of Building Maintenance

Attitude of management can raise or lower the bar for building maintenance. Become familiar with your Statutor...

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Checklist for Building Inspection & Fire Safety

Do you know all the areas to inspect when looking at fire safety? Here is a helpful tool when inspecting, reco...

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ABC's of Building Inspection Errors & Omissions Claims

Avoid acting as a consultant. Be aware of changes to construction which may require revised plans. Communicate...

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