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Risk Management Considerations for Renting Your Facility

Rental of your organization's facilities to individual groups for Christmas parties and other functions ma...

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Risk Management Considerations for Indoor Slip and Falls

Have you ever slipped and fallen? You most likely got up, brushed yourself off and quickly looked around to se...

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Risk Management Considerations for Physical Security

Organizations tend to focus more on electronic security than physical security. Remember, the physical securit...

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Risk Management Considerations for Rooftop Solar Panels

Since the installation of rooftop solar panels is relatively new, there is little claims data. However, there...

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Risk Management Considerations for Video Surveillance

A methadone clinic was using a wireless camera system to monitor patients when they gave urine samples. The us...

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ABC's of Farmers Markets

Abolish items that could be a health and safety concern. Be available to the owners and managers of the farmer...

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Claim Case Study Community Centre Rental

A resident rented out the community center portion of the local arena for his wife's birthday party. After the...

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Claim Case Study Slip and Fall at a Municipal Building

The plaintiff was a bantam hockey league commissioner. As commissioner, he was required to attend and observe...

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