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Risk Management Considerations Standards for Multi-Functional Activity Buses

The safe transportation of children and youth is always of vital importance to all organizations. However, opt...

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Risk Management Considerations for Playgrounds

A three year old child fell eight feet from a slide and sustained a brain injury. The slide did not meet Canad...

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Risk Management Considerations for Playground Safety at Daycare Facilities

The organization or company who owns the playground is ultimately responsible for the safety of the playground...

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Risk Management Considerations for Rooftop Solar Panels

Since the installation of rooftop solar panels is relatively new, there is little claims data. However, there...

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Checklist for Playgrounds

Any damages found to park benches? Is there any visible damage or graffiti on the signs? Do the bushes and oth...

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ABC's of Playground Equipment Maintenance

A daily, monthly, and seasonal maintenance schedule should be created and strictly followed to promote a safe...

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