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Claim Case Study Crack in the Road

A young woman was writing one of her final exams. Her mother agreed to come and pick her up. Shortly after 10:...

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Encroachments in the Area Adjacent to a Sidewalk

In May of 2018, Ontario Regulations 239/02 Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways (MMS) was amen...

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Service Reductions Due to COVID-19

Municipalities are concerned that they will not meet their obligations to provide services and comply with Ont...

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Sidewalk Inspection Procedures

According to sections 16.1(1) and 16.2(1) of Ontario Regulation 239/02 Minimum Maintenance Standards for Munic...

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Significant Weather Event

As municipalities prepare for winter, they plan their operations based on their knowledge of local weather and...

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Winter Sidewalk Maintenance

A municipality has a duty to keep their sidewalks in reasonably safe conditions for pedestrians who are using...

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