Frank Cowan Company has changed its name to Intact Public Entities. You will continue to work with the same team and have access to the same insurance program and value-added services that you have come to trust over our nine decades of operation.

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Centre of Excellence

Risk Management Considerations Fleet Safety

Fleet Safety is a management system containing several key elements designed to help you reduce vehicle accide...

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Risk Management Considerations for Key Steps to Help Prevent Abuse in Your Organization

Organizations that fail to properly secure the safety of the population within their care are held accountable...

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Your Emergency Exits – Are They Clear?

Everyone knows that in the event of a fire you do not use the elevator. Rather people are instructed to use th...

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Risk Management Considerations Standards for Multi-Functional Activity Buses

The safe transportation of children and youth is always of vital importance to all organizations. However, opt...

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Claim Case Study Zaky v. Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

This case highlights the importance of adequately bringing the contents of a waiver to the attention of the si...

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Claim Case Study Lowe v. Sidney Town 2020 BCSC 335

Analysis of a case where the Plaintiff was injured when she slipped and fell on black ice in a municipal parki...

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