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Ontario Traffic Manual Book 18 – Cycling Facilities

If the improvement or expansion of cycling facilities is proposed for your municipality you need to review the...

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The Risks of Natural Unstructured Winter Play

More than ever, the public is recreating outside enjoying skating, skiing and sledding. When they do so on pub...

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Policy v. Operational Decisions

In a recent British Columbia case, Marchi v. Nelson, the City of Nelson has been granted leave to appeal to th...

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Risk Management Considerations for Contracting with Professionals

Intact Public Entities regularly advises clients that they should, as a matter of policy, contract out of pote...

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Components of a Privacy Policy

It should be indicated that this Privacy Policy is a live document and your organization may make changes to i...

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Frozen Natural Pond Water Hockey Skating Guidelines

Skating on natural ice is the root to Canada’s long-standing tradition of winter recreation and sport. H...

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Risk Management Considerations for E-Scooters

On January 1st, 2020 Ontario Regulation 389/19 Pilot Project Electric Kick Scooters (e-Scooter) came into forc...

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Risk Management Considerations for Questions to Ask When Amalgamating or Merging

Intact Public Entities often responds to insurance questions concerning organizations amalgamating/merging. Si...

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