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Claim Case Studies & Legislation: Building Inspection

On July 17th, 1987, Stephen Mortimer of London was in an apartment of a college classmate when he and a friend...

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Risk Management Considerations for Renting Your Facility

Rental of your organization's facilities to individual groups for Christmas parties and other functions ma...

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Enforceability of Electronic Waivers

Two cases are discussed where electronic waivers were enforceable for recreational activities.

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Risk Management Considerations for Automobile Associated Risks

There are numerous distractions, events and situations that can arise while driving a motor vehicle. Some of t...

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Minimum Maintenance Standards at a Glance

Our roads experts developed this one of a kind document to help you comply with Minimum Maintenance Standards...

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Risk Management Considerations for Directors and Officers Liability

A private boarding school tailored to students with learning disabilities and behavioural issues closed their...

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Collision Checklist and Worksheets

Our Collision checklist and worksheet can easily be printed and put into vehicle, or used on a tablet or phone...

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Risk Management Considerations Fleet Safety

Fleet Safety is a management system containing several key elements designed to help you reduce vehicle accide...

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